Competence matrix of multimedia skills for university staff - Stran 1

1. Relevant Intellectual Property Rights in the Context of multimedia design, production and exploitation

Ability to plan and steer learners' competence development following the digital skills' terminology, typology, and relevancy at the EU level.

Knowledge about possibilities, limitations and threats coming from open-access licensing of multimedia to achieve significant societal impact and relevance.

Ability to comply with the guidelines for intellectual property rights for multimedia, and use and share this knowledge in teaching and work with students, research and university-community collaboration.

Awareness about the issue of plagiarism and the ability to use and share appropriate digital tools for identification and prevention of multimedia plagiarism (e.g., video, audio, music, readings).

The ability to follow and implement the rules of referencing and reporting materials authored by others in teaching, science communication and participation in broader societal communication.